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End of new HIV infections and full, healthy lives for all people with HIV.


Advocate for robust federal funding and community-based responses to end the HIV epidemic. The CAEAR Coalition is a national membership organization rooted in the Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program. We work to end the HIV epidemic by ensuring equitable access to welcoming, high-quality healthcare and support services.


In 1990, Congress addressed the HIV/AIDS public health emergency with the passage of the Ryan White CARE Act. The resulting system of care and support services is exemplary. The Ryan White HIV/AIDS Program (RWHAP) increases access to HIV-related health services for underserved populations, improves survival, and reduces HIV transmissions. In 2021, 89.7 percent of clients served by RWHAP achieved viral suppression, which is a primary indication the disease is well managed.

The Communities Advocating for Emergency AIDS Relief (CAEAR) Coalition was formed in 1991 in response to the passage of the Ryan White CARE Act. The original CAEAR members were the 16 cities designated as Eligible Metropolitan Areas (EMAs) – areas most disproportionately impacted by HIV and funded by Title I (now referred to as Part A) of the CARE Act.

For over 30 years, the CAEAR Coalition’s proactive national leadership has focused on how the components of the RWHAP can best address the service needs and improve the health status of people living with HIV. CAEAR Coalition’s members include consumers, grant recipients, and providers of the Ryan White Part A, Part B, and Part C programs, as well as the Part F AIDS Education and Training Centers.